Africa and Information Poverty


knowledge is power they say and information is key.The reason why the western world developed rapidly is owing to the fact that they invested heavily in knowledge and made sure that they spread information evenly in order to equip their citizenry with enough power to deal with dynamic situations as the world evolved. Even though civilization began in Africa, the information acquired was not spread to different parts of Africa, instead information was harvested by Europeans and transferred to their own shores.
What we had as a result of information poverty, are citizens who are ill-equipped to handle dynamic situations in a changing world. With the advent of the social media, the situation has been somewhat ameliorated but our leaders need to do more to help put the right information in the hands of the right people. God knows we need it.


Africa is probably the most overly exploited continents in the world and still suffer due to poverty and lack of infrastructure and natural resources. To learn more about the living of the African humanitarian trips like voyage humanitaire are organized to improve literacy by educating them, help to protect the wildlife and gain unparalleled insight into the local community by living with them.