Are Africans not proud of their native clothes?


If you go to many African countries, our native dressings are already going into extinction. If they are not totally non-existent, they are hung away in dark cupboards until a ceremonious occasion demands that it be worn.

In countries like Ghana and Nigeria, many establishments will not allow you to wear African clothing to work, insisting that you dress corporate strictly. While this might make sense to a lot of people, it makes no sense to me. We can not continually relegate Africa and anything African to background in what seems like a constant search for validation from the western world. Your thoughts are much needed.


African traditional dress is in a lot of cases more practical and stylish than corporate wear or smart/casual.
From a perspective of cultural identity - it would probably also be a better choice.
But I can’t really comment on that - you will never get me to wear a safari suit. lol