Are we chasing the wrong kind of education in Africa?


Before colonialism, Africans were mostly artisans and they transferred their expertise from one generation to the next through what is now referred to as “non -formal education”. Artists, blacksmiths, carpenters, palm-wine tappers and dibias were all nurtured and introduced into society to function as the society wanted them. When the colonial masters arrived in Africa, they introduced a form of education that fitted their own needs; reading, writing and arithmetic. This was done in a quest to get clerks, interpreters and personal assistants. When the colonialists left, a new question emerged for Africa s to which direction its education should tilt towards, To this day, a lot of universities are seen offering courses that are not peculiar to African needs and secondary schools are loaded with subjects that do not prepare our children to tackle our realities as a continent. I therefore think that we are chasing the wrong kind of education in Africa; our children should be taught subjects that will expose them to our peculiar needs as Africans rather than plunging them into the white man’s education. Thoughts?