Are World Leaders Culpable Alongside Corrupt African Leaders


The corruption pervading the African society has now reached a point of no return. The people are faced with poor governance, ill-health and unending hardship as a result of the stashing away of scarce income in faraway foreign countries by African leaders.
A big question that arises now is are World leaders culpable in this criminality by allowing African leaders to stash away funds in their countries when they knew the funds were stolen from African treasuries?


Yes, yes and yes. Both the thief and the bankers of the thief are all culpable. By giving them a safe haven, they are encouraging corruption and saying “yes it is cool to steal, just bring it over and we will keep it safe;y for you”


And don’t forget that over 80% of the World’s raw materials are in Africa. So do not be surprised when the industry guys
encourage and help launder money for the bad guys who are in politics. It is that bad. The political system has to change…Look
at Gambia, their president has been on seat for over 20 years!!! It can’t happen in the western world.