Comparing African Countries with Asian Countries: A Religious and Development Perspective


While it is a general knowledge that African countries have thrown most of their own traditional religious beliefs to the bush and accepted the foreign religious beliefs forcefully and tactically imposed on the by their colonial masters, it is also undeniable that Asian countries still hold on to their own traditional beliefs despite the fact that they were also colonized by almost the same people.
However, while Hinduism and Buddhism continues to thrive alongside with the economic, educational and technological developments of Asian countries, Christianity and Islam continues to thrive in Africa while the people continue to suffer from poverty, malnutrition, war, bad governance and stagnant economies.
Asian religions teach them to look up to the land for their development, Islam and Christianity teaches African people to look up to the sky for answers?
In what way do you think religion has affected the economic and social development of Africa?


Africa need to get rid of foreign religion before it destroys it


African is a religious continent but i believe its hindering our social and economic development compared to Asian countries