Do You Agree That Africa is an Over-religious Continent?


Before the advent of colonialism, Africa was deeply enshrined in deity and ancestor worship, Our for-fathers loved pouring libations and offering various forms of sacrifices to their ancestors and gods. With the introduction of Islam and Christianity to the continent, a large majority of Africans have deserted their traditional religion for the “book religions”. And in recent times, observers have pointed to over involvement in religion as one of the reasons we are poor. In fact, some people believe that if we spend half the time we spend in churches and mosques on trying to resolve our crisis, we would be better for it. Do you agree with this position that Africans are too religious?


I agree with you totally on this!
Africans needs to be more spiritual than religious. It seems they are having a hard time reconciling this. This factors makes their religious leaders some of the unscrupulous fellows around.
It is so unfortunate.


Actions are the result of beliefs or ideas.

The actions will not change until the ideas change.

In most cases, the ideas are not the ideas from the “books” you mention, but the ideas from rich, charismatic leaders (which cause their own fame and success). The ordinary people get the idea that to be successful or powerful, they must follow the successful powerful people, give the money to them, and do what they say.

The ideas will not change until they are replaced by better ideas. So anyone who thinks they can make a difference needs to be more persuasive than the popular religious leaders.


Well, If you are not grateful for Christianity. I am!
The only reason why Africa is what it is today is because of Gods grace which is as a result of how Africans serve God. All the bad things we experience are as a result of our own doing. God has been really merciful to Africans and he deserves all the attention he is getting.


Religion is not the problem. Hate is!!!
African must stand united or they will perish.
What is religion without proof?


I don’t like how religion is eroding tribal traditions and how preachers are the richest people of our communities. I don’t like the missionaries who give out bibles, instead of real help. Also preachers who do ‘faith healing’ are scamming those most desperate. Its really sad. :frowning: