Do you Agree that Africa is Misrepresented in the Western Media?


It is alarming how Africa is perceived by westerners; mention the name “Africa” and the first thoughts that come to the mind of most westerners will be along the lines of poverty, HIV/AIDS, war and every other negative rhetoric you can fathom. While it is true that the continent is being impoverished by its bad leaders, it is not all bad news like the western media have painted it to be.
We have beautiful places, intriguing cultures spread across the continent, wonderful and hospitable people just to mention a few, but the western media refuses to show that side of Africa. To this end, scholars and critics have laid the blames for the misconception of Africa at the doors of the western media. Do you agree with this submission? If yes, can you advise ways that this can be corrected?


Couldn’t agree more and the sad part is that these media corporations then go on to tout how trustworthy or creditable they are. Journalism is dead welcome to Infotainment ladies and gentleman!
These corporations make money off Africa serving the West with eye-grabbing BS. The people love it so they clamour for more, ratings go up. The average man is sold out and you hear them ask you illiterate questions. :rage:
Fact is no one can and will ever be able to tell a good African story other than Africans themselves. Yes, I am all fully aware that African state-owned media is shit but I am sure we do have independent media run by Africans.
If you are a westerner and you are reading this next time conduct proper research before you open your mouth and spew out what CNN, Fox, CBS or ABC is telling you about Africa.


Exactly my thoughts. We need to start telling our own stories.


Africans always display a betrayal complex.
This is another reason why the media treats them this way!
Just Twitter and see Kenyans fighting South Africans or Nigerians fighting Ghanaians.
If the rivalry could be healthy, the media would respond accordingly but until then…


we are grossly misrepresented as the the westerners assume our ways of life without actually and hence write things they know mostly nothing about


yes! africa is greatly misinterpreted by westerners.when africa is mentioned in the western world, poverty,diseases,monkeys swinging on trees comes to mind.these things aint entirely is a beautiful place with beautiful people and beautiful culture.