Explicit Music Videos: A New Trend in Africa?


I grew up to decent songs about African women and these songs had accompanying videos of beatiful women that were dressed modestly to reflect the African virtues that was upheld as a standard during the time. But it was also at this time that most Africans were getting introduced to american music and its sexually themed lyrics and videos. This went on to affect the next generation of African musicians as the entertainment industry flourished in the early 2000s. They adopted the pop sound as well as the explicit theme of american music. Today, it is a normal thing to see music videos with women wearing things that are meant to be worn only in private space and dancing in sexually provocative manner. Contrary to the excuses of some musicians, this is not civilization, it is like taken ten steps backward after taking one forward. We should be teaching our young women how to be responsible not portraying them as tools for entertainment. Your thoughts are welcome.