Global Warming and Africa


Global warming is the term used to describe the rise of the average temperature of the earth’s climate system.Global warming has become a topical issue globally due to the threat it poses to the human race. Governments elsewhere have been taking calculated steps to put palliative measures in place so as to protect themselves in case of eventuality. But here in Africa our leaders have continued to pay lip service with little or no real result to show for it. What do you think should be done to check this ugly trend?


The African community should not wait for data collection and testimony from experts to know that something terrible is happening to their environment.
If you live in Rufisque/Dakar or Hann and have seen the coastal degradation and erosion, you are witnessing the impact of climate change or degradation right before your eyes. Still other impacts and effects are more latent or slow to manifest themselves even though they are nonetheless destructive and harmful.
The subject of climate change has to be discussed at all levels, and most importantly, the communities have to be educated, mobilized and given the resources for an active participation and role in preserving and protecting our environment and resources. Right now when we speak, plans are being made for the evacuation and redeployment of entire islands in Costa Rica because of sea-level rise and high waves.In other parts of our continent the erosion is relentless and inlands salinization by sea water is growing. The prediction by some scientists is of a catastrophic dimension in few years. WE cannot afford to be silent or complacent to the climate change clock. We have to adapt to the environment and learn to preserve our natural resources.

African governments should re-plan their industrialization plans which pays little attention to sustainability.
That is the first place to start.