If you were to live in Africa, which country or region would you choose?


If you were to live in Africa, which country or region would you choose?



For a whole bunch of reasons, I can’t give you a great answer, but given that you have zero answers now, maybe I can help just a little. I was in Ethiopia for about ten weeks in 2005. During that time I fell in love with Ethiopia. I returned to Ethiopia for just a few weeks in 2010 and will go back again as soon as I have a good opportunity.

Ethiopia has so much to offer those who love people, rich culture, coffee, mountains, lakes, wildlife, spicy food, and getting an amazing peak into how people have lived around the world for thousands of years.

The people of Ethiopia love each in the most heart-warming way. People become caring friends almost instantly. Men meet each other and then walk together hand-in-hand. People greet each other with smiles and kisses. It’s a beautiful thing.

To be comfortable living in Ethiopia you need to be able to live in the midst of mind-boggling poverty and a lack of modern conveniences. If your people heart is really big, I think you’ll love it.

Hope that helps a little!


I would say it’s south african city Capetown. It is one of the most beautiful city in the world


I would love to visit the ruins of carthage!!!
I also hear the local Tunisian Couscous is quite tasty (and fiery!!!).


South African here, so its a moot point.
I have seen a lot of Africa, but my heart will always be here.


You gals should come to Calabar, Nigeria. As far as Africa is concerned this is the best place to be. Its got everything from the best tourist attractions, peaceful and serene environment to the most friendly people in Nigeria.


Added to my bucket list. :slight_smile:


Calabar? That should be around southern Nigeria.