Is Africa a Sexist Continent?


Sexism is the belief that one gender is superior to the other, especially that women are inferior to men. Africa is a very traditional continent that believes that there are different roles for men and women. Sadly, some these roles have relegated women to the background and in some cases, suppressed their abilities and ambitions. But on other grounds, Africa has had a number of queens that ruled vast kingdoms and empires. In fact, we have had a female president in Africa while the united states that claims to be a liberal state has not had a female president. So, on which side of the divide are you? Is Africa really a sexist continent?


Sexism in Africa is foundational. The culture generally relegates women to the background and makes them tools for work and procreation. It is even a shame that their leaders like Zuma and Buhari have even continued on with this trend.
I will also blame the female collectively for this trend. They are busy embracing feminism instead of pushing for gender empowerment. Feminism is western-oriented which is suffering serious resistance in Africa.