Is it true that Egypt stole all ancient Ethiopian history?


I have been reading an old news: Egyptian Gov’t bans ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ citing historical, religious ‘fallacies’ and I did some research and found these important topics(I love history):

  1. The people who built the pyramids were not called Egyptians but Kemit Nu which means black people.
  1. The word Egypt did not come into existence until over 100 years ago when the British called the current people live there the name because it sounded “romantic”.
  1. The current “Egyptians” are Arabs and Muslims who moved into the area 1500 years ago after the Kemits left
  1. So NO. They are not the true people who built the pyramids. I strongly believe the Masai are the true descendants of the Kemit. The garments that the where and the walk they walk are identical to the hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids.
  1. “Africa” (which is a Spanish word btw) had a lot of powerful kingdoms. As you mentioned Kush (the Axum located in Ethiopia). The history of blacks has been rewritten to make it appear as though our contributions to history were only the building of the pyramids. How is that possible? Every culture that has an architecture of that magnitude also had some form of math, science, philosophy, poetry etc. A wonderful book to read regarding “Egypt’s” true history is called “Stolen Legacy” by George GM James which describes how the Greeks/Romans stole the Kemit history and were given credit
  1. the greatest “Greek” poet of all times Aesop turns out to be a BLACK ETHIOPIAN. The ancient Greek word Aesop means Ethiopian.

People like me have the right to know the truth of this! what happened? Is true that Ancient Egyptians were black Ethiopian?

Thank you!