Is there any racism in African countries?


My image of African countries is very mixed tribes and skin colors. (To be honest my knowledge of African countries is almost none, let me know if there is something interesting!)


I don’t think Africans are racist. We were not raised that way and it is not part of who we are. Except we see ourselves as being threatened we are a totally welcoming and homely bunch. Africans love foreigners and compared to other continents, I think Africa is the least racist continent.


I don’t believe it is racism per se…maybe tribalism.
It is a very ugly trend. Most genocides and coups done in Africa stemmed from tribalism.
Between April and June of 1994, approximately 800,000 Rwandans were killed, all because of a tribal war between two groups in a SMALL COUNTRY.

Uganda is IN A WORSE SITUATION. I’ve come to notice that Africans are too conscious of material things like land, food and POSITION. It is a herd mentality - the stronger group will try and push out the smaller, weaker group. It is very sad.


Africans can be very tribalistic…look what South Africans did to foreigners between 2014-15, burning, lynching and looting properties.
The Nigerian civil war was also initiated by tribal sentiments.