Nigerian Jollof Versus Ghanaian Jollof


Jollof rice is a one pot rice dish that is popular in the West African region. Jollof rice reportedly originated from the wollof people in Senegal. But they are not they are not the ones involved in one of the longest standing arguments in Africa, the Nigerians and Ghanaians are. Nigerians and Ghanaians lay claim to the invention of jollof rice and whose jollof rice tastes better. As funny as this sounds, they actually take this argument seriously, and would go at each for hours on social media just to prove whose jollof rice tastes better. I think that this argument has now become a thing of national pride and ego but that is just my opinion. Have you tasted any or both of this dishes? What do you think?


Neither the Nigerians nor the Ghanaians invented the famous jollof!!!
The credit goes to Senegal. The jollof rice is named after the Jollof tribe of northern Senegal.
Back to the topic.
I believe that it boils down to the recipe used and the creativity of the cook.

Thank you.