On Africa's Natural Resources and Development


Africa is a continent blessed with a huge deposit of natural resources. From gold to tin to fuel, we have them in abundance. The continent’s leaders have however, been mismanaging the continent’s resources thereby leaving the continent in abject poverty. I however think that as a way of moving forward, Africa should stop selling her natural resources and start exchanging it for western technological products. For instance, a country could export a million barrel to another country and tell the buying country to fix their electricity. I know that sounded simplistic, but I am just giving you an idea. Do you agree with my point?


africa is the continent blessed the most with naturally resoures but sadly the least developed continent.i will use nigeria as a case study ,nigeria is a nation blessed with lots of natural resoures ranging from petroleum,metals to coal e.t.c.these resourses are enough to transform nigeria from a developing country to a very developed contry but for bad leadership.these resourses are squandered and mismanaged by the leaders.