Protecting African Culture and languages


The rate at which African youths are being brainwashed about the supposed superiority over their own through the social media and internet as a whole has now reached an alarming level.
A typical African youth now believes that because his/her forefathers worshipped their own goods and sacrifice animals to this god, they are evil. What they don’t know is that the forefathers of the current whites also did the same and probably even worse.
Don’t you think we need to do something about this brainwashing of our youths that makes them feel inferior?


Something absolutely needs to be done or Africa will no longer be able to call herself Africa. Nobody values a copy as much as they do the original so how can we value ourselves if we become an imitation of the west? We need to refuse western culture as passionately as the west refuses us.or we will forever circle around being a mediocre at best imitation of something once freely beautiful, now docile and running a futile race.