Reviewing African Countries Membership of International Criminal Court


While the urge to stop despotic leaders from emerging throughout the world is a commendable one, the notion that Europeans are above the law is beginning to create a doubt in African about the sincerity of the western world.
Since the inception of the International criminal court, it has been so glaring that only African leaders that are not on the west side have been prosecuted while the likes of George Bush who murdered Iraqis in their millions are walking free.
Are despotic European leaders better than their African counterparts?


Maybe the court was created for only Africans, because that is what it looks like now. I totally support all the countries that are pulling out. They are justified in their actions. However there is still the need to tread with caution. So i think the western world should look into these allegations and thread with caution.


If we are pulling out, we should also take responsibility of the consequences that many will get away with severe crimes against humanity. I believe we should have our own courts and spearhead prosecuting our own.

We cannot give up on justice because Western leaders get away with it.


Very true.
But i think we need to send a message to the western world that we are not slaves