Should Africa Return to Monarchy?


Africa was run by monarchies before colonialism. Since colonialism, the colonial master has restructured the governing model of African countries to fit his own needs, However after colonialism, Leaders in the continent have tried unsuccessfully to replicate western models of government here in Africa to no avail.
Do you think it is time to shun all these forms of government and return to our monarchical system that worked perfectly for us?


There’s nothing wrong with monarchy so long as there exist a proper separation of powers between the traditional and the conventional governments.

United Kingdom for an example, demonstrates this. The queen is the traditional head of the UK while the prime minister takes care of running the government.


But in the case of the United Kingdom, Is the queen not just ceremonious? What governmental roles does she play?


Nope. Please tell me why someone should have a position of power purely because of the family they are born into?

We struggle enough with a democracy to vote someone decent into power, a monarchy completely removes that power from society. I utterly refuse to bow down to some ancient system put in place by a culture I am not a part of and no matter what, I have no say in who becomes king. That’s not fair and will cause way more problems than it solved.

We live in a massive, integrated, global community at the end of the day. Monarchies just look to further divide us as people due to some nonsensical historical ‘right’. I think we are dealing with enough entitlement in this country as is.


I said that she is the ‘traditional head’. That makes her position ceremonial.
Monarchy is not necessarily about governance, it is more about influence.
The Sultan of Sokoto remains one of the most powerful figures in Africa due to his sphere of his influence.


Monarchy is Africa! Are you serious?
Thats like giving the rats all the cheese in the house to keep. Really! Where is this Idea even coming from? Africa is the last continent that should be contemplating Monarchy. As it is we are struggling with corruption at all levels despite the fact that we are running a democracy. Imagine what it would feel like if its a monarchy? Your King will just wake up one morning and say this, this, this woman from now you are my property. Like seriously! No way for that in Africa


I think you are answering this question based on your present day realities. To that end, I agree with you in some sort. However, what I had meant by returning to monarchy, was that we go back to monarchy with all it’s institutions. The organised monarchy of the Oyo empire in Nigeria comes to mind; where there are checks and balances from the King to the council of chiefs, the spiritual ogboni cult and even the warriors had checks put on them. In that example, there was a slim chance of corruption and/or authoritarianism.


I still don’t want influence in the hands of people who created nepotism. I want influence to go to those who work for the people, not to protect a ‘family’ name and to build an empire. Monarchs are always at odds with each other in some way and we really don’t need more ‘team’ mentality politics where we vote blue or red depending on our loyalties rather than what’s best for me.

The time is for collaboration. Handing power, whether it be legal or merely influential, to a family name is an atrocious idea. The public don’t trust the wealthy and powerful as much as they used to, monarchs fall firmly under that distrust and rightfully so. There may be benevolent monarchs out there but, unfortunately their traditional ties will ruffle more feathers than anything else so it’s best they stay in their castles.