Should Africa Revert to Its Traditional Religion to Enhance Development


Religion in Africa, has become the opium of the people. A way through which people can escape the harsh realities of their communities in expectance of a Utopian estate promised them by their various religions. While I am not condemning our adopted religious convictions, I am however skeptical of it’s effects on society. In the past, a man will be genuinely scared to swear by the gods for fear of the repercussions it will bring him. However this days,people place their hands on the Bible and the Qua-ran confidently to dish out blatant lies. This calls for real concern, seeing that in the past the mere mention of the village gods would instill fear into the hardest of hearts. Therefore, herein lies my suggestion; that we revert to our former religions. So that any public officer taking the oath of office will be sure that if he or she does not fulfill his or her promises, the gods are waiting to deliver speedy judgement on them. Do you agree?