Stopping The Blood Streams of Somalia


The unending and agonizing war with all honesty deserves the honest response of world leaders.
While United Nations have actually done a lot in ameliorating the sufferings of Somalis who have been battered by over two decades of terrorism and war, it is glaring that more efforts needed to be put in place in order to stop the continued suffering of this innocent Somalis. African leaders in particular need to exert more pressure on the west in order to cut off the source of arms being used by the likes of Alshabbab to perpetuate their savagery in the horn of Africa.
Something must be done urgently to stop the flow of blood in Somalia


I agree with you, the United Nations like to offer 10 second support to the nation of Somalia, and when they feel an ounce of danger to their own troops or when they feel like somalia isn’t worth all the hassle, they wanna neglect their attempts. Somalia is a country that is at war with themselves. The Al shabaab are taking advantage of this and using lone misguided teenagers as scape goats and brain washing them. The cycle of tribalism as well as militia groups do not seem to end. I hope for Somalia to be as it was like in the '60’s but day by day the hope starts feeling like a dream.