The African Man and His Love of Titles


The African man is a very ambitious man. He likes to achieve and get recognition for his achievements. This can be traced to our precolonial days when you had to work hard to amass chieftancy titles thereby gaining recognition and respect. The modern-day African’s love titles is unparalleled; it will not be out of place for you to see a “Chief Doctor Pastor” as a title of someone while including the different degrees and fellowships he has attended in a bracket at the end of his name. To me, this not only vain, but also needless. A man’s title does not make him, it is what he brings to the table that defines. Historical examples like Jesus Christ, Aristotle, Abraham Lincoln and others did not have a plethora of titles scattered as prefixes to their names. All they did was to add value to lives and that was enough.


Lol…it is so unfortunate.
Titles don’t make a man. Men create titles. Aliko Dangote is a good example. And if you are near a man obsessed with titles, run away!
They are some of the most insecured folks on earth.