The problem of the African man is the African man Himself. Do You Agree with this Submission?


Africa is a continent that is blessed with natural and human resources. These are two prerequisites that are very important to the development q=equation of any country or continent. However, with both factors, Africa is still wallowing in poverty and abject sickness. The African has been identified by many people as the problem of Africa, Greed, selfishness and individual interests are some of the factors that have pinpointed as catalysts of Africa’s underdevelopment. Do you agree that the problem of the African continent is the African man himself? Advance reasons to support your choice?


One billion people. And growing. Africa is too big to stereotype everyone in it. Wouldn’t make mathematical sense. However if we narrow down the numbers to include only the very tiny group of people who have actual power in Africa I think you’ll find most meet western stereotypes of African peoples being greedy, selfish and what not.


He always blames himself for every problem. And he is too religious. It could blind him to realities. There are many exceptional Africans in every sphere of life who have taken the bulls by the horn. These guys deserves our salute.


i believe that the African problem is caused by Africans so yes …our problems are caused in a lot of ways by ourselves