The Rising Number of Homosexuals in Africa and Western Hypocrisy


African countries have been placed under immense pressure recently by western leaders to abandon laws that prohibits homosexualism. They have been championing the case on the basis of human rights.
However in their own enclave, polygamy is illegal because to them people can’t marry more than one wife. They are now threatening to stop aids and grants to African countries with laws against homosexuals.
What exactly have we achieved with their grants and aids in the past?
Must we always do the bidding of the West?


Western society is riddled with it’s own unsolvable riddles even as they export it as the best solution for a unified world when in fact it simply cannot work because they would simply be expanding western problems to include the whole globe and it’s peoples. Homosexuality has not been being practiced in Africa in traditional times and it is the least of the continents problems. We have to figure out how to unburden ourselves from this toxic dependence we’ve developed which they disguise as aid but in truth is just another hook in the mouth of the fish. It starts with the individual recognizing the trickery of the west and opening the eyes of his fellows.


Yes, they’re riddled with problems. Yes, they use aid as a threat to advance whatever agenda suits them.

That said, I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy as they actually have some level of tolerance towards homosexuals. I see it as a form of politics - they have something we need (at least in the short-term), and they use it as leverage.

However, none of this diminishes the value of accepting your neighbours, regardless of differences. What do we gain from shunning others for something as inconsequential as whom they share their beds with? How long can we appeal to tradition? Times are changing.


ethically and religiously homosexualism is wrong,i believe there is no tribe or religion in africa that stands with homosexualism. the same westerners that introduced christainity to africans are still the forerunners promoting homosexualism.they have even gone as far as threatening our leaders by not giving aids to their countries in order for them to legalize homosexualism.


If you derive your ethics from religion, then the two go together. Otherwise, I know plenty of otherwise good but non-religious people who don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with homosexuality.

I may be digressing from the issue of Western influence, but do you personally find something troubling about it?


Most likely @ccc is not African. and if he is he is an agent to destroy the African people.


Homosexuality has always been with us, only that it wasn’t in the limelight. It certainly didn’t originate from the West.

Please don’t argue that it’s unnatural - ichneumonidae is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t consider nature to be a moral compass. Don’t argue that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone, yet overlook that Lot wanted to offer his daughters to the mob outside his door.

Instead, view homosexuality as rare occurrence that shouldn’t be demonized by the majority. If a man and a man elope, what does it have to do with me? I am more concerned by non-consensual practices, e.g. rape, child brides & honor killings. Now these are actions that are carried out against someone’s will. If a man is being raped by another man, I will protest. But if a man loves another man, let them be.