Unemployment: A huge monkey on Africa's back


According to the African Center for Economic Transformation, about 50 percent of te graduates being churned out of African universities do not get employment. This is a very huge statistic that should be keeping all of us awake at night. Unemployment is a huge problem among youths as they will ultimately follow other routes to survive.
This statistics actually puts to rest any questions of where political thugs, armed robbers and militants emerge from. The age long axiom that the devil finds work for idle hands still holds sway today.

We have to start looking at ways to keep our youths busy by providing them with gainful employment in order to get their minds off violence. Youths on their own part have to look for ways to keep themselves engaged by involving themselves in gainful entrepreneurial ventures as well as learning gainful skills. Howbeit, the bulk of the blame still lies at the doors of governments who have not created a conducive environment for entrepreneurship.