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AfricanCommunityForum.com provides a platform for the promotion of our unique diversity, history, culture, and achievements. Our platform seeks to increase interactions among Africans irrespective of tribe, nationality, language, political ideology, religion, and location. At AfricanCommunityForum.com, we celebrate our great achievements and accomplishments and try to proffer solutions to our present collective challenges.

Our threads are lively, discussing relevant issues, be it on Politics, Culture, Relationships, Travel, Black History, Languages, and other threads. There is also the ‘uncategorized’ category takes care of that unique topic.

We hope to stimulate meaningful contributions, suggestions, and solutions to the challenges of the Black Continent.

Join us here and celebrate our heroes! whether it is Mandela, Mansa Musa, Obama, Achebe, Shaka,Hannibal or even the Great emperor Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael! You will able to celebrate yourself because we at AfricanCommunityForum.com strongly believe that you have solutions to issues and answers to questions.

No matter what flag we fly, our color will always be Africa. We together can put Africa back on the spotlight.