What is Your Take on Tribalism in African Countries?


Owing largely to the colonial masters’ divide and rule policy in many African countries, a canker-worm has been left behind in Africa. This canker-worm is tribalism and it is eating deeply into the very soul of our continent; preventing countries from achieving their full potentials while leaving a pungent smell of distrust in the air. The colonial masters have come and gone but tribalism still holds sway. What do you think is continually fanning it’s embers? And what ways can these issues be tackled?


When you say Tribalism, you remember Africa. Tribalism is deeply rooted in the blood of 90% of Africa. It is part of who we are. Imagine what is going on in Nigeria, Rwanda and most Africa countries. The number one cause of distrust and Violence is tribal sentiments. If this were out of the way, I see Africa going to greater heights.


As we become more global citizens the tribalism will erode over time. We are not freer than ever to move and mix with other tribes. It will just take time and tolerance.


I think the solution is to recognize what the colonialists inadvertently taught us which is that we in this world as Africans are more similar than we are different and that we will be broken one by one as twigs if we don’t stand together united.


tribalism is eating deep into our individual societies, i believe the way forward is by our leaders showing good examples by frowning on tribalism and by organizing conferences and tv adds to discourage tribalism


Somalia, is one of the many countries that have been tired apart due to this “idealistic” tribalism theory, We have torn each other apart, killed each other and ruined our homeland due to tribalism. It has been over 20 years since we’ve had peace and tribalism has a huge role in eroding our country. Tribalism is an age old concept, but it doesn’t seem to end with many nations, primarily Somalia.


tribalism has been the root of majority of the problems faced by africans especially nigerians in time past and even presently.tribalism was the reason for the civil war in nigeria that cost millions of nigerian citizens there lives.presently the northern nigeris(hausas) still discriminates against the eastern nigeria(igbos) and vice versa.it divides unity in a nation and should seriously be looked into.