Which Country in Africa has the best Army?


Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Algeria can be said to have the best set of ground forces in Africa. Judging with equipment, one may be tempted to choose Egypt or Algeria, but the combat experience of Nigerian troops in peacekeeping missions across Africa has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with.
South Africa too also has a decent army with very advanced weapons.
What criteria can we use to determine the best army in Africa?


As of this:

Egypt ranked #1


That doesn’t count. I don’t see Egypt African contry.

I need an answer for that.


For me, based on the type of training given to the troops i think Nigeria has the best trained ground forces NOT NECESSARILY THE LARGEST.
A soldier friend of mine told me this…i am not sure but i trust his inputs.


You are absolutely right, at least for now I know the Nigeria Military is doing tremendously well. Especially on the war with Boko-haram. So one can easily say there are the best. However when it comes to equipment , military gadgets and personnel strength, I think Egypt, Algeria and South-Africa rank higher than Nigeria.


I’d agree with you on this!!!