Who Have the Best Military in Africa?


When it comes to military powers in Africa, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria and Nigeria are the major countries you can count as being strong enough to defeat practically any military in Africa.
Egypt seems to have a very decent supply of weaponry from America and Russia. She has a very good air force, Navy and a standard army with modern tanks. However, Algeria, Nigeria and South Africa too have very capable military forces. Nigeria has a better war-tested Army due to its civil war, Boko haram, Sierra Leone, Liberia and other military missions across Africa.
Who in your opinion have the best army?


i believe Nigeria has the best army as they are major participants in the UN and ECOWAS peace-keeping forces as they are trained by professional from the western world


I think Nigeria has the best military in Africa. Considering the awards her soldiers are given at the U.S war college year in year out,it goes to show the level of intelligence within the military.They got the best foot soldiers in the continent coupled with the fact that their military is well funded.