Why Are African Countries Removing History from their School Curriculum?


The Israelis included the teaching of their history in their school curriculum and focuses even more on the Holocaust in order to teach their future generations not only to be patriotic but to avoid the mistakes they made in the past. African leaders are doing the reverse of this and it is sickening.
One begins to question the patriotism of this group parading themselves about as leaders in Africa.
Why should the Western world teach their own history but we cannot?
How will our future generations know that there is something called slave trade, how will they know that the whites were against the emancipation of blacks in South Africa? How will they know that Africa is the origin of many scientific developments?
Don’t you think this is wrong?


The thought of this really sickens me. How will our children learn of our wonderful and colorful history. what will they tell their children. What will happen to all our hero who created those history and those that sacrificed their lives. what will happen to their sacrifice? Please parents should not give up, we should continue teaching our children our history at home no matter what.


This is a very ugly trend. How would you discuss constitution without history?
That is the easiest way of producing ignorant individuals.