Why Do You Think Africa is Still Poor?


Africa accounts for most of the world’s raw materials. However, while the western countries that milk this continent continue to advance on all fronts, Africa is still neck-deep in poverty. Reasons have been advanced by various scholars to explain why the continent is still poor. Ranging from bad leadership to accusations of exploitation by the west and recently the middle-east, these reasons can not be exhausted. Can your share your thoughts on this? And what policies do you think will help us out of this predicament?

  1. Lack of effective leadership
  2. People are aligned to tribe. The concept of country is still fairly new.
  3. Imitation of western society. The african elites copy what they pick up from the west and thus cause western problems in a society that has never dealt with them because africa is not even remotely like the west.
  4. Western media content. Fosters western ideals and preconceptions of africans in africans themselves. Makes us pride-less, hopeless etc. feelings of helplessness
  5. Tradition; old practices preventing progress are still practiced widely.

I think personally what must be done is going to be very painful and is going to destroy Africa as we know it but I see no other way. Governments must create policies that spread certain key “trade” languages or lingua franca’s so to speak so that more Africans understand each other and will be able to communicate and thus trade with each other. Part of the success of the Middle Ages East African coast was because KiSwahili was understand around the whole Indian ocean. Sharing a language means sharing a culture and thus will also create feelings of union among otherwise separate peoples. This will destroy the more than one thousand languages that are in Africa currently and many cultures but will create a solid “African” culture that Africans will be willing to invest in.

The other option is to do away with the idea of nations and borders but this fragmentization will lead to increased conflict.


i believe Africa is the richest continent in the world, we just majorly have bad leaders emblezzing our funds and resources


African my african,a land that is supposed to be filled with milk and honey…infact it is filled with milk and honey!i belive africa is poor because of the kind of leaders that runs her.this leaders are mostly uneducated to modernization and are ignorant to its resources.the enligtened ones are greedy and selfish without the interest of Africans at heart.


dont forget the CIA, and other foreign intelligence that purposely help to destroy literally. act like there helping but actually destroy and cause conflict.